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Highlight Eliminator Stretch Bundler
Stretch Wrap Machine Highlight Eliminator

Highlight Eliminator Stretch Bundler

Part Number:HLI-EL-1000
Stretch Wrapper Highlight Eliminator

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Stretch Wrapper Highlight Eliminator Stretch Bundler

Highlight Eliminator floor mounted orbital stretch bundling system.Ø Fast, convenient stretch bundling system eliminates costly corrugated cartons, tape, strapping and shrink film, while improving package design, integrity and flexibility.Ø Bundled product maintains stationary position as film rotates to secure load.Ø

The EL1000 model is designed for 10-15 inch handwrap.Ø The EL1020 model is designed for 18-20 inch handwrap.Ø The patented Stretch-Set film tension system delivers precise film stretch control.Ø The Eliminator arm slides to wrap from 10 to 24 wide with orbital capacity of 24 long and 24 tall.Ø Maximum weight capacity of up to 70 pounds.

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