Stretch Wrap 20 inch 80 Gauge Cast

Part Number: APMW-20805
Stretch Wrap 20 inch 80 Gauge Cast
Machine Stretch Wrap Film
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Stretch Wrap 20 inch 80 Gauge Cast
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Stretch Wrap 20 inch 80 Gauge MACHINE Film

5,000 feet per roll
40 Rolls per skid

Machine stretch wrap is specially designed to withstand the rigors of being applied by stretch wrap machines. Our films are capable of stretching up to 300 percent and can be used on any stretch wrap machine on the market today. Our 80 gauge premium stretch film is the ideal choice when super heavy duty films are overkill but ultra thin films aren't strong enough. When applied correctly, our 80 gauge stretch film will keep standard loads and some challenging loads from shifting during transit.

Need help determining which film is best for you? Call one of our experts. We will explain the advantages of each of our stretch films to help ensure that your loads arrive at their destination just the way they left your dock.