Stretch Wrap 18 inch 80 Gauge Cast

Part Number: APHW-1880
Stretch Wrap 18 inch 80 Gauge Cast
Stretch Wrap Hand Film 18 Inch
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Stretch Wrap 18 inch 80 Gauge Cast
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Hand Pallet Stretch Wrap 18 inch 80 Gauge Cast

18" x 80 gauge x 1,500 feet per roll, 4 rolls per case
Sold by the case

Some people call it hand stretch wrap, others call it shrink wrap and others shrink film. Regardless of what you call it, this plastic film is used to stretch wrap pallets of merchandise for over the road shipping. Our 18 inch 80 gauge hand stretch wrap is made of a cast construction for quiet application. It has excellent puncture resistance and exceptional cling. With superior strength and load retention, this stretch wrap film is able to wrap the widest variety of loads. It keeps your load from shifting during transit meaning your pallet will get to its destination just the way you packed it.

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