Manual Stretch Wrap Machine, Low Profile

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Manual Stretch Wrap Machine, Low Profile
Highlight Synergy Manual Stretch Wrap Machine
Why walk in circles to wrap pallets? Wrap your loads with the most economical stretch wrapper we sell - the Synergy .5 from Highlight Industries.
  • Stretch Set™ adjustable pre-stretch up to 60%.
  • Counterbalanced film carriage for minimal operator effort.
  • Adjustable turntable speed from 0 to 12 RPM.
  • ON/OFF Foot-switch controls turntable rotation.
  • Works with 12", 15" and 18" hand stretch wrap rolls.

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up to10
pallets per hour
up to4,000
pounds per load
with optional turntable
up to80
inch tall pallets
up to18
inch wide stretch film


  • Features of the Highlight Synergy Stretch Wrapper:
  • Wraps loads up to 52" x 52" x 80"H
  • Uses 12 inch, 15 inch or 18 inch hand stretch wrap film
  • 4000 pound load capacity
  • Foot switch operated
  • 120 volt, 15 amp electric
  • Highlight's patented Stretch Set™ maximizes stretch with the turn of a knob.
  • A counter balanced film carriage is easy on the machine operator.