What do soccer-playing robots and conveyors have in common? If you said nothing, you’d be wrong.

The new Celluveyor omnidirectional conveyor belt can move boxes freely in any direction. The inventors say they got their inspiration from, you guessed it, soccer-playing robots. In this case, they put the robots underneath the conveyor to drive omnidirectional wheels.

Here’s how it works: The conveyor system is made up of multiple hexagonal modules containing omnidirectional wheels driven by individual motors. The "secret sauce" is the arrangement of the wheels and the selective control of the wheel motors.

To make it work, an operator uses a computer to program the path for a carton, bin or other parcel. It’s so simple, the direction can be changed with a simple press of a button. And if one of the cells breaks, it can be replaced in minutes without disassembling the entire system.

The patented system is still in the testing stages but when it’s launched in to the market, it could completely change the way we use conveyor belts.

Source: Business Insider, June 22, 2018.


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