Pole Wrapper Stretch Film Dispenser

Part Number: 760221
Pole Wrapper Stretch Film Dispenser
Wrap Dispenser Pole Wrapper
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Wrap high and low without bending or stretching. Easier to use and more versatile than a J-Handle wrapper.
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Pole Wrapper Stretch Film Dispenser

Save your workers backs with this unique extended handle pole wrapper stretch wrap dispenser.

The new ergonomic design eliminates crouching to reach the bottoms of pallets to be wrapped and stretching to reach the tops of pallets to be wrapped. Some of the many benefits of this stretch wrap dispenser are cost savings, reduced bending injuries and faster wrapping.

This also works great with stretch netting when pallet breathability is required.

  • Easily wraps pallets to within 1/4" of the floor
  • Lightweight aluminum pole
  • Comfortable rubber grips
  • 18" or 20" wide film
  • Flat bottom for standing on end when not in use
  • Adjustable wrap tension
  • Specially designed Dupont Vespel ring allows for smooth and easy film unwind at all tensions.
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