If your product gets broken in transit, you’ve got an unhappy customer, a return and possibly a replacement shipment to deal with. Picking the right size carton is crucial to your success.

Here’s a step by step guide to choosing the right size box:

1 What are my product’s dimensions?

Measure your product's length, width and height:

Find the right size box       Find the right Size Box

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If your product is an irregular shape, treat it like a box:

Find the right box for a weird Shape

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The bigger the product, the bigger the box. The rule of thumb for packaging is that you want it to be just as big as it needs to be so that your product fits as snugly as possible inside the box.

2 Is my product breakable?

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A bag of coffee beans is fairly sturdy and unbreakable and doesn’t need any cushioning to protect it in transit. A wine glass is definitely not unbreakable. It will require more careful packing to ensure it gets to its destination in one piece. At a minimum, you will want to add 1-2” to the dimensions of the product you’re shipping.


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The more breakable the product, the more cushioning you’ll need.

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Types of void fill cushioning include bubble wrap, crinkle paper, air pillows, tissue paper, newsprint, kraft paper and or packing peanuts. You’ll want to put some cushioning in the bottom of the box. Put your product in and put more cushioning around the sides and over the top of your product.

3 Shake to Test

Close the box and shake it. If you think the product inside is moving around, use a bit more cushioning. If the product is stable, use a good quality packing tape, seal the box, slap a label on it and send it on its way.

4 What Next?

If you are still unsure of what size to pick, our packaging specialists have real-world experience and are ready to help you. We have more than 1,500 box sizes in stock. We’ve also got dozens of kinds of packaging tape to seal the box and cushioning products to protect what’s inside. Contact us or call today toll free at 855-373-7225 (855-DPD-PACK).