Highlight Side Drive Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealing Former

Part Number: Magnum 2300BFF
Highlight Side Drive Uniform Semi-Automatic Case Sealing Former
Magnum 2300 Semi Automatic Side Drive Uniform Case Former
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This machine save time and lowers your tape costs.

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Highlight Magnum Side Drive Uniform Carton Sealing Erector Machine

The Magnum 2300 BFF is offered as an economical productivity-increasing alternative to manually hand forming cases and hand taping, whether filling directly afterwards on a packaging line or stockpiling cases for later filling. Expected improvements in efficiency are typically 3-5 times as many cases output per single operator compared to hand folding in the same time period. In addition, the Magnum 2300 delivers the added benefit of consistent, aesthetically appealing, cost efficient tape application to the bottom of the case.

The primary benefits yielded from the machine are lower labor cost from fewer operators required to produce an equivalent number of cases formed per hour, higher throughput per hour, reduced operator strain from fewer repetitive motions, as well as decreased tape consumption. This results in full return on equipment investment that can be realized in just months of machine usage not years. The Magnum 2300 BFF is an adjustable semi-automatic case bottom flap former with integrated bottom sealer. 

The design utilizes a precision T-Table, adjustable folding assembly, and reliable side belt drives to provide accurate, consistent case forming and tape application to the bottom of uniform cases. The machine features dual side belt drives that easily adjust to handle cases from 6 to 20 wide, 3 to Unlimited tall (with top flaps open), and 6 to 24 length. The system is designed to operate at 8-12+ cases per minute depending on case size.

Easy adjusting side belts
2 inch tape head with easy tape threading
Two side drive belts provide positive case feed
Includes adjustable legs (23 inch to 32 inch) with locking casters
Electrical - 115 volt, 15 amps
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