Many people place orders for stretch wrappers without understanding the benefits that they get by making this purchase.  Use these items to determine which reason best fits your needs.

  1. Containment: Salesmen will work to justify the selling of a machine by using all traditional ROI models to save you money.  The bottom line is, if you cannot provide your customer the product that you are shipping them in "AS MADE" condition, or the pallet of product fails in transit, the ROI model does not matter.  Pallet stretch wrapping machinery will allow you to wrap your product as tightly as possible without damaging the product allowing for safe shipping.  Containment is the single most important items in wrapping.
  2. Injury Risk Reduction: By not having people walking (typically backwards) around your pallets your risk of injury will be greatly reduced.  Additionally, people will not be required to lift film over their heads, and bend over to wrap the bottom of the pallet.
  3. Consistency: Your product will look the same to your customer regardless of when it was wrapped through-out the day.  Earlier in the morning people typically do a better job wrapping and as the day continues on, the wrapping consistency and quality is reduced.
  4. Reduced Freight Costs:  Using a pallet stretch wrapper with 110" wrap height option allows for wrapping to the top of a tractor trailer.  This height is not wrapped in most hand wrapped applications due to the height, and to the few that are, the containment is greatly reduced.
  5. Film Savings: Stretch wrapping by hand will on average be stretched between 10% - 15% total.  By incorporating even the most simple of machines, that amount can be increased to provide additional savings through film reduction.
  6. Labor Savings:  When purchasing a Predator XS or Predator SS which operates in a semi-automatic mode (the operator attaches the film and depresses a button to start wrapping) the operator can start the wrapping process and walk away to do other functions within your company.  These units will also wrap more consistently and efficiently than hand wrapping.
One last item often overlooked, most people believe that the machine will take too much of their floor space.  Studies have shown that the footprint of a machine is smaller than the path a person would walk while hand wrapping. 

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