What can conveyors do now?

ConveyorsConveyors have come a long way from the days of old when roller and skatewheel conveyors were king. Today, conveyor belt scales and other components of a conveyor system can automate and streamline practically every aspect of packaging. In addition to moving products, these systems can sort, weigh and monitor loads to make packaging flow management smoother and more organized.

This leads to higher productivity per shift, fewer errors, less damage to goods and more satisfied customers.

How do conveyor systems help business efficiency?

Here are four ways conveyor systems can add money to your company's bottom line:

1. Increased worker productivity - When you allow the worker to set the pace, they will go only as fast as the slowest person in the operation. It's human nature. But when you set the pace for the workers, most people will increase their speed to keep pace. Variable speed conveyor belt systems do this by maintaining an automated production flow. This reduces the time, cost and labor involved in manual operations and can increase your overall profitability.

2. Better risk management - Workplace safety is a critical piece of the puzzle that is a successful business. The manual movement of parts and products poses a high risk of injury. Conveyor systems reduce the risk by reducing workers' exposure to machinery, heavy loads and other hazards. Increased automation also lowers workloads, making employees happier and more productive.

3. Higher accuracy and reliability - Along with increasing the speed and safety of product movement, conveyor systems can also help maintain accuracy throughout the packaging process. For example, conveyor scales can be integrated with existing warehouse management systems for data collection and analysis, and can also help with sorting, weighing and tracking of products and shipments.

4. Maximizing floor space—For packaging, warehousing and distribution facilities, horizontal floor space is usually in short supply while there is usually an abundance of vertical floor to ceiling space. Conveyor systems can be designed to take advantage of this. By using overhead space and routing components around obstacles like support columns and pallet racks, these systems allow for better use of available floor space for activities that generate revenue for your company.

The right conveyor system and associated components can ensure that general warehouse operations and more specifically, packaging operations, happen faster and more accurately. If you are interested in increasing your company's bottom line, a properly designed and implemented conveyor system can help you reach your goals.

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