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Premier Distributors of Machinery and Materials for Stretch, Shrink and other forms of Packaging.

Discount Packaging Depot is guided by one principle: bring to our clients the same personalized service and support available to them in their own neighborhoods.

We come from manufacturing and distribution and have used products in every category we sell. We ask a lot of questions up-front to ensure that our customers receive products that work for them. We are proud to say that our client base includes Fortune 500 companies. They have come to rely on our decades of experience in the packaging industry and on our personalized service.

Need help or just don't like to place orders on-line? Call us toll free at 855-373-7225. We understand that business is about people and we are always available to help you.

Save Your Back, Use a Pallet Wrapper

Let's face it - wrapping pallets by hand stinks; running around backwards. bending down to the floor and stretching up to the sky. And we're not even talking about holding the roll and burning your hands.

Save the trouble and get a pallet stretch wrap machine. Here's what you'll achieve:
  • Better pallet-load containmentH1020 Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine
  • Reduced workplace injuries
  • Consistency
  • Labor Savings

What's a Pole Wrapper?

That's what we said until we worked with one. It's an inexpensive hand-held stretch film dispenser that allows the operator to completely wrap a pallet-load without bending down or reaching up. Pole wrap dispensers are ideal for low-volume warehouses where using a pallet wrapper isn't practical or possible.

Pole wrap stretch film dispenser tool

Packaging & Supplies

From pallet wrap to shrink wrap, we cover it all. We offer a wide variety of packaging products, packaging equipment and packaging supplies for almost any applications. Shop with us and save big. After all, Discount is in our name. We drop-ship many of our products from our manufacturers direct to you. This lets us keep our and your cost low. Whether you need packaging solutions for retail, industrial or commercial applications, Discount Packaging Depot has the right products for you. We offer a wide range of products including: stretch wrap film, machines and wrapping tools, heat shrink wrap packaging films and machines, packing tape and case taping machines, conveyors & accumulation tables, parts for most packaging machines and packaging machine supplies like PTFE tape, neoprene seal pad and nichrome seal wires for L-Bar sealers. If you don't find what you need, call us and we will source the goods for you.

Carton Sealing Machines Tape Boxes Better than You

Highlight Magnum Automatic Carton Taping MachineYou know you do it - one more piece of packaging tape just to make sure the box stays closed. Doing that on dozens, hundreds or even thousands of boxes a day costs time and money. The solution: high quality packaging tape matched to the box's weight and one piece top and bottom is all it takes. Automatic case tapers do this really well.
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