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Discount Packaging is your online marketplace for machinery and materials for stretch wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape, carton sealing machines, shipping supplies and more.

Our mission is to bring to the internet the same personalized service and support available to our clients in their own neighborhoods.

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Need help or just don't like to place orders on line, call us. We understand that business is about people and we are always available to help you. Our team's extensive experience allows us to guide you to the best equipment or supplies to fulfill your packaging or shipping requirements.

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Highlight Predator SS Low Profile Stretch Wrapper
Highlight Predator SS Low Profile Stretch Wrapper
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Highlight Top Bottom Drive Uniform Carton Sealing Machine
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Shrink Wrap Machine Truline TLP-1622MK Econo
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Stretch Wrap

stretch wrap machine predator xs imageStretch Film can be applied by machine or by hand. The strength of a stretch film is often tied to its thickness or gauge. The gauge can also have a direct effect on film stretch. Generally, thicker film will stretch more before tearing. Ourpallet wrap is available in the widest range of thicknesses and sizes for both hand and machine applications. Need help choosing the ideal film for your application? Call one of our experts. We will explain the advantages of each of our stretch films to help ensure that your loads arrive at their destination just the way they left your dock.

Discount Packaging is also an expert distributor of stretch wrap machines. Whether you need a fully automatic stretch wrapper, a semi automatic stretch wrap machine, a basic pallet wrap machine, a stretch wrap machine with scale, an orbital wrapper for stretch bundling or just a hand stretch wrap dispenser, the growth in technology and specialization is enabling Discount Packaging to stay ahead of the competition.

Shrink Film

Shrink film (unlike stretch film) is a packaging film that is sealed around a product and
Shrink Wrap Machine Truline Combo Image
heated in a shrink tunnel. The film then shrinks in all directions for a tight, clear fit. Discount Packaging's shrink wrap is specially engineered for outstanding strength, clarity, shrink performance and production line speeds.

Our Shrink Films are available in very thin gauges (thicknesses) for wrapping lightweight products or thicker gauges for applications like bundling multiple packages or replacing corrugated boxes.

Discount Packaging is also national distributor of shrink wrap machines. Whether you need afully automatic packaging machine, an automatic l-sealer, a semi-automatic sealer and tunnel combo or asimple one-arm sealer, Discount Packaging is your source for information and equipment to best satisfy your shrink packaging needs

Packing Tape

carton sealer imageBox-sealing tape or packing tape is a pressure-sensitive tape used for closing or sealing corrugated boxes. It's made from a pressure-sensitive adhesive coated onto a plastic backing material. A variety of strengths and thicknesses as well as adhesive formulations are available. Packing tape is often transparent or tan but other colors and custom printing are also available.

The tape can be applied manually with a stationary dispenser but is most often applied with ahand held tape dispenser. This allows the user to more efficiently put the tape on the box, cut it off and wipe it down. Automated carton sealing machines are available that apply tape to the top and bottom of boxes at the same time. Discount Packaging has the experience to guide you through the process of picking the right tape and the right method to apply it to your boxes. Contact one of our specialists today.

Poly Mailer Envelopes

poly mailer envelope image
Our line of Premium Poly Mailer Envelopes offer you flexibility when shipping items that
do not require the added protection of a corrugated box. Each self sealing poly mailer resists damage from tears, punctures and water. The strong high quality seals allow you to over-stuff thesemailers for maximum efficiency.

Designed and manufactured specifically as mailers, Discount Packaging's poly mailer bags make marking, stamping and labeling easy. Since they are made of high strength plastic that's water and dust/dirt resistant, thesemailers ensure that your items will arrive clean.

Stretch Wrap Test Equipment

Our Portable Stretch Wrap Test Kits are powerful tools for understanding how your pallets are wrapped. The Portable Stretch Wrap Test Kits allow you to understand and 
stretch wrap test kit image
demonstrate load containment, film stretchfilm load force, and total stretch film usage. This allows you to better understand your pallet wrapping operations, establish benchmarks, quickly make changes, compare results, reduce costs, and improve your wrapping performance.

It's another way Discount Packaging is using technology to help you lower your packaging costs. Call one of our specialists for help determining which stretch wrap test kit is right for you.

Packaging Machine Parts

packaging machine part image
Discount Packaging Depot is a wholesale aftermarket supplier of replacement packaging machine partsnichrome sealing wire and PTFE Teflon® Tape. We work with machinery manufacturers and OEM parts manufacturers to supply parts for nearly every brand of stretch wrap machine, shrink wrap machine and carton sealing machines. With a wide variety of service manuals on hand, our specialists can help you identify the parts you need to get your packaging equipment running at peak efficiency.

Teflon® is a brand name and registered trademark of Dupont.

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